Kustom EGO

The beauty of the desert scenery, the sinuous dunes moulded by the elements over time, dynamic and at the same time eternal, they are the source of inspiration that have lead to the creation of our first terminal which we have called EGO.

EGO is born true to its origins, fruit of the union of technology and creativity. Situated on the thin line which divides art from design, the unique thoughts of the collective.

boceto Kustom EGO
– Network LTE/4G
– Touchscreen de 4,95″
– Full HD IPS – Snapdragon 800 2,26 GHz
– Memory 32GB
– Camera 8MP/1,3MP
– Battery 2.300 mAh
– Bluetooth & GPS
– SwiftKey™ Keyboard


Kustom EGO limited series of 977 smartphones. Each and every one is handmade by our highly skilled craftsmen. Conceived with a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic each customer can customize both with the external finish of our titanium body, as well as the combination of materials, inscriptions or gemstones in the perimeter ring.

Kustom ROM

Powered by a high-speed dual core processor with Android™ Our operative system is designed to offer you a better use experience. Screen backgrounds, icons especially designed for EGO and the clock widget transform our interface into a differentiating element.



The mimesis concept taken into the technology field has lead to the creation of this exclusive terminal, which represents with its forms, not only elegance but also spirit and soul.

Customize your smartphone and transform it into a unique piece.

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  • Ringtones
    We have created an exciting and unique ringtone for our smartphone

  • Notification tones
    Inspired by the EGO brand and concept

  • Alert tones
    Exclusive and personalized

  • Headphones B&O Play™
    Maximum definition to achieve the best ringtone